Inaugural …

So this blog was pretty much created as a drop-zone for the pieces of my mind that demand a release, and that threaten to circulate until I comply!

Expect to find anything that finds its way into my life, my space, my mind-space like music, movies, lotsa great food, some of my juvenile insights and anything else I’m trying to make sense of or need to purge… I am the picture of an everyday, average, wallpaper woman, never seeking the limelight, so these posts are more for myself than a promise of any literary prowess…

I must warn you that I am insanely frank, and make no excuses for my opinionated nature, but by the same token, I have no issues with admitting my mistakes and apologising on the off-chance that I might have offended with no cause, as it is never my intention to do so…

For now, this is it for an inaugural post, as there is something I’d like to get out of my system, as my next post will indicate!

So for now,

🙂  Always



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