Conditional Unconditional Emotion?

It’s no secret to those who know me, how deep my love for music runs! I have playlists on my phone and pc for the most random of tasks, and so this post is also about music, well not really, but the source of this post is music.

So, one of my playlists was on call for almost the entire past two weeks, on a random setting, and yet, i swear i heard “Right Here Waiting For You” many, many more times than the other tracks…and it’s gotten me thinking….

Thinking about the concept of someone loving another to such depth, and with such devotion, that they really would go about their lives, simultaneously being “right there waiting” for their One if their One was with someone else!  I find the idea of this sad and slightly dysfunctional, but also, kind of heart-warming, particularly in this day and age of instant attraction and express emotion, where emotion itself has almost become cheapened by the over-exposure of its name when what people mean to say is really something more mundane.  I think about how many people have claimed huge words like “Destiny”, “Meant-to-be” and “Loving Unequivocally” (still one of my ultimate faves!) – and I think about how it’s possible for multiple people to think they feel that way about someone when that same someone is unlikely to be “Destined” to spend their life with multiple soul-mates!

Then i got stuck on another track, called “Saiyaara”, where the lyrics are simple, but profoundly deep! The kind of words that linger, that necessitate one to be lost in their own soul, in pure appreciation of the sentiments expressed.  I have had this track on repeat for literally 3 days now…and by that i mean, i’ve listened to it for a total of over 15 hours! I can’t resist losing myself in the idea of an idyllic emotion, so devoid of greed, or ego or power-plays, that i can’t seem to listen to anything else at the moment – or the foreseeable future!  Poetry of this caliber has always had a spongy soft spot with me, and the lyrics by Kausar Munir are sweet and sincere, no inclination to the vulgarity we find so often these days…

Am i the only person who sees life beyond friend requests from people i’ve never, ever heard of, and messages from people who are not even acquaintances? Surely, there must be others who think the same way? Who prefer real-world, actual connections with others who matter, rather than superficial connections? 

As this track comes to yet another end, i remind myself that the world is evolving, as should we all, and part of this current evolution is the flexibility to adapt to changing world views, but part of evolving is also staying true to what you believe in…and to me, emotionally-charged tracks will always make me think of a time in which purity and earnest sincerity used to be the order of the day, and will be again one day soon as i think the world is awakening to its own evolution!

But i still wonder…am i truly the only person who can’t find my footing in the rush-hour humdrum teeny-bopping sounds masquerading as music these days?


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