My Yo Yoga Resolution Evolutions


…I’ve said countless times before, i am the picture of everyday and average…i work, have 2 beautiful (but suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper busy) little boys, and i pretty much spend the days the way most of the world does : juggling work, home, kids and everything and everyone else!

But i TRY to make some time for ME! Actually, i lie. i make a lot of time for myself – i watch at least 1 full-length movie EVERY day (or about 4 episodes of my favourite series),  do a coffee date every week or two, read, write, lotsa other little thingies that make my soul happy!

With all that being said, although i’m generally happy by nature, my lack of fitness and my lack of a slim figure both sent me looking for options! I can’t do anything that requires physical impact as i’ve broken too many of my bones to risk anything too active, and i enjoyed Yoga when i used to attend a studio…but that was literally almost 9 YEARS ago!

Then i decided to try “Yo Yoga” – a HOT Yoga studio – and by Hot – i mean HOT- in terms of temperature and energy!!yo yoga logo

i Love this place! The decor is tranquil with icy white everywhere, sporting accents of lime green, bright orange and a lively pink!  It almost automatically energises me when i step inside, taking care of the physical prep, but the hard part is mentally prepping myself for a class – clearing this endlessly relentless mind of mine, always an onslaught of thoughts the second i try to “still the mind”.  By now, i’ve done roughly 10 classes, with the last one about 9 MONTHS ago!  I’ve decided to select Hot Yoga as my official fitness option – and thought it would be interesting to document my progress – weight-wise, fitness-wise, in terms of mental agility and other factors that will inevitably be affected.

Just some background to me :  I’m 34 (no, i have no issues stating my age publicly – it’s not a state secret!), i have 2 children,i happily consume anything i feel i want – evidenced by my non-existent resistance to anything seriously sweet, anything devastatingly rich and everything else in between!  I don’t believe in committing to a diet at the expense of enjoying everyday things like red velvet cupcakes with coffee for breakfast! I prefer the concept of BALANCE !

So, my plan is that since i’m PUBLICLY committing to attending about 3 classes per week (I don’t want to be labelled “fanatical” after all), i owe it to myself and readers to do exactly that! In preparation, i have already over the past 4 weeks indulged in all my unhealthy faves – gatsby’s, burgers, french fries in every shape and size (my fave!!!!), cakes, biscuits and macarons by the literal box-full – not because i’m cutting them out to assist my classes, but because i know my body is naturally going to struggle to exhibit an appetite for them – and even worse, feel horrible once i’ve consumed them!

So, i intend to start my classes next week, and look forward to a transformational journey – and you’re invited too! If you’d prefer to follow just the yoga progress, i am sharing this blog on our company blog  {  }   where you won’t be subjected to the other ramblings my mind needs to purge!

Here we gooooooooooooooooo ………………. wish me luck !


******   For Information about Yo Yoga, please contact them at and on :  +27 21 671 0888  *******


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