My Yo Yoga Resolution Evolutions – 8th April 2015

Maroon 5

1 Step Forward…2 Poses back…

Following the completion of my first class, without forcing me to take any break from the class due to fatigue, i was ready to attend the 2nd – and went in gung ho, readied myself for a hot class, and waited a few precious moments for the instructor, the lovely Maike, to commence the class…

So the breathing exercises were good, and i could instantly feel my mind being coerced to shut out every distracting thought – and preparing myself, instead, for a fruitful class…

And then it happened.

I was immobile.  An old injury, a pelvic fracture to be exact, from literally 27 years ago, decided to make a stubborn appearance shortly after the initial breathing exercises – and made its presence known and felt for a long time thereafter. i ended up in a Shavasana (Corpse pose) for the better part of the hour, completely unable to join the rest of the class… 

What made this even worse, is that this was my first class with Maike, and i was so looking forward to her approach to leading a class.  She has this warmth about her – and a slight giggle is audible in her voice, evidence of her tendency to speak with a smile on her dial – such a pleasant disposition as a guiding backdrop to a session, can only be a positive thing! 

She noticed my discomfort and came over to check on me…but once i explained it’s an old injury, she immediately suggested listening to my body’s limits for THAT day, taking the time i needed to recover and to just “let it go”.  That was the moment i did.  I just let it go. Sadly, but deliberately.  Hate the feeling of letting myself down, but i also know better than to push past my own limitations.  What i appreciated, was that she made a point to acknowledge that it was temporary, and that the next class could be the polar opposite!  Hope, my favourite emotion, jumped straight into action! i eventually rejoined the class for the last 15 minutes or so… but i’m looking forward to my next class! 

As i listened to the rest of the class diligently following their instructions, all i could do, was shut my eyes and listen to Maroon 5’s “She will be loved”, as the one line from there played on repeat in my head…

so for now…

“…It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along… ” 


******   For Information about Yo Yoga, please contact them at and on :  +27 21 671 0888  *******


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