My Yo Yoga Resolution Evolutions – 19 April 2015


Too Hot To Handle!

In what lifetime is it a Sunday morning and I’m awake and getting ready for a Yoga class?!  This lifetime, of course!

Thanks to being without a car this week, a Sunday is all I have and in the interest of maintaining at least a class a week, a Sunday will have to do!  I arrive and ready myself to enter the studio, only to find it filled to capacity!  I think at that point, disappointment and anger were both fighting for my attention and I tried my best not to scream out of sheer frustration, having gotten myself there for a class that wasn’t going to happen for me! But then there was some shuffling and repositioning, courtesy of the instructor and just like that, 3 spots became available, one of which I claimed!

10 minutes into the class, though, I wondered what possessed me to go back to see if there was indeed space after the reshuffling, because suddenly it felt like I should’ve headed home after i thought the class was full!

I don’t know if it was the confusion, the rush or the heat, but for some reason, I couldn’t breathe! I spent the better part of the next half hour alternating between lying and sitting still, feeling suffocated, claustrophobic and slightly ill!

Zoey was the instructor and she did a marvelous job of making me feel like I wasn’t wasting my class…and she was right in a way, because towards the second half of the class, I was back in sync…although I am now certain that i lack some serious strength in my arms!

I’ve also realised that I have half a million tiny little pimples after every class, even though i drink LOTS of water! I feel like I might be allergic to my own perspiration, (crazy, I know!), but i keep telling myself that it’s the classes that are detoxing me! Time will tell, I guess…

For now, though, with the distinct feeling that I could have done much better in my class today, I look forward to the next one and hope to be fully present – from start to end!  I HATE not having control over my mind and irritation … it totally messes me up!


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