Decadent Durban! Hmmmm!




So, after a rather extended hiatus I am finally back – with a bang – and finally ready to un-draft all those poor little drafts that have been hibernating until they’re permitted to see the light of day!

As promised before, I’m adding my favourite favourites to my piece of the web, from food and movies, to travel, music and personal insight, so prepare for an onslaught of STUFF!

And for those who know me, it’s no secret how much I love to EAT, so it’s no wonder I’ve decided to kick off with a foodie section, and what better way to do that, than to share the spots Durban entertained us with, in just 1 day and 7 hours!

We landed in Durban just after 10 a.m. and since I hadn’t had time for breakfast (only tons of nibbles), I was eagerly longing for a FEGO breakfast, since we no longer have a Halaal branch of this amazing brand in Cape Town – and I urgently NEEDED a Fegoccino! Unfortunately, Fego is located on the departure side of the airport, so with a heavy heart and almost empty tummy, Fego would have to wait until the next day!

After collecting our vehicle and popping in to see some family, we headed straight for RocoMamas in Florida Road to meet up with cuzzies and friends (who are fellow foodies!) for a hearty and much-anticipated lunch! We tucked in with chilli cheese


RocoMamas – Florida Road 🙂 Pic courtesy of Baghtiyar Banu Parker 🙂

fries, a Classic Cheese Chicken burger, Chilli Cheese Bomb Chicken Burger, Belgian Chocolate Milkshake and Crème Brûlée Milkshake, among other items – and trust me when I say, their burgers are STUFFED TO THE BRIM and kind of on par with Woodies! The Chilli Fries were very potent and just what we were looking for!  Most of us manged to eat only about half of the burgers, taking the rest with us to fuel the rest of the day’s errands and fun! Oh, and their Crème Brûlée Milkshake – is BEYOND words! Incredddddible! Needless to say, though, there was no space for dessert at that point!




Rocking RocoMamas – one bite at a time! Pics courtesy of Omer Dhansay 🙂

Once we checked in at the hotel and freshened up a bit, taking in the expansive, gloriously panoramic view of the ocean from our room, we were ready for dessert. We picked up a buddy and headed straight for Westwood Mall where we reached our wonderfully aromatic destination: Pappa Roti! I’ve heard so much about this place and have seen so many pics, that it left me quite intrigued and obviously ready to taste! It was SO good! These gorgeous buns are soft and fluffy inside with a slightly coffee-flavoured crispy crust on the outside – edible heaven!


Pappa Roti – Westwood Mall Top pic courtesy of Shenaaz Dhansay 

We ordered them with the following toppings respectively:  icing sugar, chocolate, and caramel, along with a cappuccino and their famous Pappa Kadak Chai, which was arguably the best tea I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting! The only regret we had, was not ordering a truck load more of their Pappa Roti buns, perhaps sampling their other toppings that include strawberry, toffee, honey, bar one, Nutella, and dry toppings like almonds and hazelnuts… in fact, just thinking about these beauties now, has me salivating! I actually developed such an intense craving for these perfect little mounds of deliciousness that I scoured the net for copycat recipes just to abate the excessive cravings!  This is going to be a definite must-stop every single time I find myself in Durbs!With dessert under the belt, there was just about enough time to freshen up and get ready for the event we were scheduled to attend that evening. Now, having skipped supper, we were ravenously starving by the time the event ended around midnight, which left My Diner’s at North Beach as the obvious option for some good food – in the middle of the night, no less! We met up with friends and together, ordered a variety of dishes, ranging from Bunny Chows, to Butter Chicken, Dhal, Naans, Beef Nehari, Mango Lassis and Bombay Crushes! Their menu goes on and on and on and the more one peruses it, the more confused (and more hungry!) one becomes as they REALLY offer a myriad of dishes that include Indian, Chinese and Pakistani cuisine as well as burgers, pitas, grills – and everything in between! After our early morning soirée, we obviously had no room for dessert, but we were ready to surrender to some sweet slumber with our day’s deliciousness the stuff that dreams are made of!

Having had a well rested, much-needed comatose-like sleep, we were ready to face the next few hours head-on, knowing that it was going to be one mad rush to run all our errands and still make it in time for our flight back to the Mother City. We relished a breakfast feast, courtesy of my cousin, with her hubby treating us to their “usual Sunday Breakfast”, complete with sautéed mushrooms, eggs, fried tomatoes, sausage and cold meats – and gourmet beverages as the perfect liquid elixir to super-charge us into action!


Breakfast at Shubnum and Shuaib Vajeth 🙂

Fully fueled, we headed to get our to-do lists all ticked off, without forgetting to get a little something for our boys who were enjoying their weekend with my mom – and having the time of their lives! We made an ultra fast stop at Gateway for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, where we literally ran in, ordered and ran out! Their rings of sheer delight come topped and filled with all sorts of decadent treats, from caramel, glamour glazes and chocolate; to nuts, sprinkles and chocolate pieces; to cinnamon, apples and custard – all showing their good side as we walk in and survey the options. We did, however, end up taking exactly what we went in for – their Original Glazed Doughnuts! Don’t judge! It might sound boring, but these are just pure, delectable pieces of extravagant scrumptiousness! We walked out with a dozen but I wish we opted for 2 dozen … or maybe 3 …

Doughnuts in hand, we then made a dash for the airport, did all the necessities and found our way to FEGO! We gratefully savoured every little droplet of our Fegoccinos, along with a Cajun Chicken Tramezzini and a Spinach and Feta Tramezzini, which we ended up devouring as soon as we were airborne! It was the height of good food! The tramezzinis were well seasoned, perfectly prepared and stuffed with just the right amount of filling to make them more than satisfying, worthy of every fabulous memory I’ve ever had of a Fego meal and definitely what we were seeking! A satiated end to a fabulous day and a bit in the heart of Durban – taking advantage of their exceptional eateries!


I lived in Durban for a while, many moons ago, and upon returning, often found myself missing the food – which always seemed to present a much wider variety, somehow more akin to my personal taste and for some reason, more cost-effective. And even better than all the good food, is the fact there are SO MANY Halaal options, reminding us over and over again, that there’s still a huge gap in the market in Cape Town, for GOOD Halaal food, with no disrespect to the awesome Halaal Cape eateries, of course!

After reminiscing about all the fun, the unbelievably amazing company and all those morsels of exquisite flavours, I think it’s safe to say, my taste-buds are pining for a little bit of EVERYTHING on this list!  What’s new?!!

Thank you, Durban!!! ♥♥♥


**Apologies for the poor picture quality of the pics I took and for the lack of pricing. Every food post after this will have both issues resolved 🙂 






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